December 19, 2010

Christmas party.

Wednesday was the Christmas dinner for my job.  It was really good.  The place we went had preselected our food. we got to choose between steak and chicken.  When we were all there and settled, they brought out huge trays of appetizers.  There were mozza sticks, jalapeno poppers, deep-fried pickles, chicken wings, and a few other things I can't remember.  Shortly after that we were brought soup.  We could have either french onion or chicken alfredo.  I chose the second, which was AMAZING.  I would go back just to eat that soup.  After soup we were all brought caeser salad. 
While our main course was cooking, all the employees exchanged gifts.  We always do secret santa, even though by the time of the Christmas party we all know who got who.  I received a mug full of candy and latte mixes and scratch tickets from my secret santa and I got Britney Spears Curious perfume for the girl I got.  My boss also got me a Betsey Johnson wristlet, more scratch tickets, and a butterfly necklace.  Spoiled!

(I didn't win on any of the scratch tickets by the way, boo.)
Soon after we had finished opening presents our main course was served.  By now I didn't even want to eat more food, haha.  The steak or chicken was served with potatoes or rice and garlic toast and steamed veggies.  It was soooo good that I ate more than half of everything even though I was stuffed before it even showed up.  After dinner we were served pie that my boss made, so I ate most of that because she made it.
After dinner I went home and went straight to bed thinking I would never need to eat again.

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P o o p e r said...

That sounds amazing, all that food through out the entire evening ... @__@ Glad you had fun and it was really nice of your boss to give you those gifts! :3