December 19, 2010

Tutorial- Shopping Bag.

Many of the tutorials I'll do will be doll-sized.  I make them for my dollhouse and my future Blythe doll.  Enjoy!

Thread or small string

Here is the pattern:
Draw this onto the back of some cute paper and cut out around the outside edges. 
Fold on all lines, towards the back of the paper.
Punch out tiny holes where shown below.
 Glue all four bottom pieces on the back and the end piece on the front (shown with lines drawn above)
Fold into a box shape and secure glued pieces. 

 Run tiny pieces of string through the holes to make handles for your bag.  Make sure they are the same length.

 Tie off the ends.
 Shove a little piece of tissue paper inside and you're done!
 For added ooh-la-la ness, use ads from magazines to make designer labelled bags as shown below.

What do you think?  Do you care about tutorials for dolls?
I have many more in store if you do.


P o o p e r said...

This is way too cute! I like staring at the miniature bag. lol Future Blythe doll? :3 Ohhh I wonder how she'll look! Do you have a specific one in my mind? For the more cheaper dolls I would really like to own a Pullip one. :3

Miss R. said...

Well, since I live in Canada I am having trouble finding a Blythe to buy for less than $400... I can find used naked ones on Ebay, but I want a nice one. One with bangs preferably. Pullips are super cute too, I should try to find one instead.