December 1, 2010

What I bought.

Barbie closet. 
I'll probably just put this on my desk and fill it will pens and paintbrushes since my doll house has a huuuge closet already.
This is the giant icecream cone I posted about before. 
It's 2 feet tall!
This picture frame is sooo hime kawaii, but as I've said, I'm horrible at taking pictures and you can't see it very well. 
 Gift box
 A square dancing dress I found that I'm going to use for my Alice Halloween costume.
Square dancing skirt. 
I am wearing this in my latest outfit post photo.
 The most awesome curtains ever!
They are super frilly.
 This sweater is sooo soft and comfy that I don't even care that it makes me look very wide. (:
 I wonder why I've been find so many shell shaped containers.
 Yay, I love Harvest Moon!  Now I just need a Game Cube...
 My favorite magazine, yeah I know, I'm an old lady at heart.
 My favorite board game from when I was younger.  (Okay, and now...)
 This is what it comes with:
To win you need to go around the board collecting all your jewellery.  The first person to get all her jewellery and the crown, but not the black ring (that's bad), wins.  Yay!


amanda said...

eee i like that blue dress! it reminds me of alice in wonderland ^^

xo.- R said...

That's why I bought it. (: