December 27, 2010

Movie Review- Kiki's Delivery Service.

This is the fourth Studio Ghilbi film I bought.  I really enjoyed it, so much so I almost dressed up like Kiki for Halloween this year.  On to the overview:
According to tradition, when a witch turns 13 she must move to a new town with next to nothing and try to make it on her own.  Kiki is armed with a broom, her new black dress and her cat Jiji when she finds her new home.  Follow her journey to becoming successful as a witch and a delivery girl and making friends in a new place.

Review 10/10.
This movie is both cute and interesting.  It's a lovely coming-of-age story with cute cats.  Haha.

What did you think of Kiki's Delivery Service?


P o o p e r said...

This was my first Studio Ghibli film!

I remember watching it as a young child and I had never grew tired of watching it over and over. I don't own the movie but I specifically remember when it was aired a lot both of Disney channel and Cartoon Network. :3

Miss R. said...

Really!? Damn Canada, I've never seen any good movies on tv here.