July 30, 2012

12 weeks pregnant

Oops, being a bad blogger again...

Buuuut, everything is going well with me and Baby.  I'll try to post more often, but it would be soooo much easier if I could post pictures straight from my phone. Right now I have to email photos to myself and save them onto my parents' computer, very annoying.

Here's my ultrasound from July 9th. :)

July 1, 2012

Sailor Nursery Ideas.

8 Weeks Pregnant...

... And feeling wonderful.

I am not super tired all the time anymore, yay!

Anyway, today we bought an antique dresser to repaint and turn into a change table.  It's pretty huge, so it'll be great for storing the 500 outfits I'll most likely have by February.  The dresser also came with a matching mirror and night stand, so cute.  I'll post pictures when my dad gets back from picking it up.

June 25, 2012

Pregnancy Syptoms (7 weeks)

A quick post to list the sypmtoms I've been having. Some of them are symptoms I never even heard of before I got pregnant. Anyway, here's my list: •sore boobs •period-like cramps •excess sneezing •swollen gums •mild nausea •extreme fatigue •vivid dreams •increased appetite •food aversions (only to shrimp so far)

June 23, 2012


The local hospital just phoned to inform me that I have an ultrasound booked for July 9th!!!!

I am so excited.

Also, I am seen weeks today. :)

June 22, 2012

First doctor appointment.

So my first appointment was a huge disappointment. I didn't get to hear a heartbeat, I didn't get an ultrasound scheduled, she didn't even make sure I was pregnant! I got asked half a million questions then sent on my way until July 17. :( I just want to see my baby!! Also, shrimp? YUCK!!

June 19, 2012

6 weeks.

6 weeks(ish) now. I started feling nauseated two days ago, yuck. I haven't thrown up, but I sure feel gross all the time. I also reheated some fried rice and the smell of the shrimp made me want to die. I took my six weeks belly picture yesterday and there is definately something happening there. Already. I'll post it from the computer later. I also have my first doctor appointment tomorrow, I am so excited. I'll write about that the second I get home.

June 18, 2012

A dress for my little sailor

I don't even know if I am having a girl yet,but this was too cute to pass up.

June 11, 2012

5 weeks(ish)

Only guessing since I still haven't been to a doctor.  I went to make an appointment on Thursday.  The lady said she would get back to me soon, so hopefully that is today...  I want to know all about my baby!!!

On May 28 I came back to my home town to tell my family that I'm pregnant.  And, well, I kind of decided not to leave...  Now I'm looking into finding a place to live (I'm just at my family's house right now) and jobs.

Laura and I went shopping on Saturday in Cranbrook.  She found some really cute little Adidas shoes with Winnie the Pooh on them, which of course I bought.  My parents also bought me a cute little blanket with owls and elephants on it.  Green and brown, yay, it'll match my house.  I don't know why my decor style is turning hippie-chic these days...

June 6, 2012

I might as well just live in the bathroom... It seems like I pee 1000 times a day.

Big News!!

So yesterday I found out for sure that...


I'm so excited and happy, yay!!

And now that I am finally back somewhere that I can blog on a regular basis, I'll be doing just that.  So, if you still want to know all about my kawaii,kitsch lifestyle that now includes BABY STUFF, check back often.

xoxo, Miss R.

February 2, 2012

I guess I'm NOT back...

Sorry ya'll, my computer is much too big of a piece of poop for me to be able to post.  When I get a new computer or my man brings the good one around, I'll make posts.  But until then it is too hard.  (My iphone won't let me post photos or I'd do that, but...) So, until that time comes, check out my Tumblr.

I miss you guys!

February 1, 2012

I'm baaaaack!

Hello everyone!  I am FINALLY back after almost five months.  Yikes, sorry.  I've been distracted by Tumblr.  I have been up to LOTS.  Okay, not really, but I did move.  To Fort McMurray Alberta.

I've only been here for a week, and I guess it's alright.  Really, really bloody cold though.  I applied for a few different jobs, but I haven't heard anything back yet so it's been pretty boring.  I did find a really cute used book store that has some super tasty chai lattes.  And tons of books of course.  (Four have already been added to my collection, oops!)  I don't really have anything else to do for now...  My man works in camp up here so he is gone for three weeks out of the month, boo!  But at least the apartment stays nice and clean, haha.

There are two things about Fort Mac that I wanted to mention.  First, a few years ago some high school kid did a project on how plastic grocery bags are horrible, so the city banned plastic bags.  Which I suppose is a lovely thing, but the man and I didn't know.  We went to the store behind our building and bought some pop, ice, and a bottle of vodka.  When we paid we kind of stood there waiting for her to put our stuff in a bag, but she didn't.  So we had to carry a million pounds of things home, stopping to pick up Pizza Hut pasta on the way.  Not fun.  Good thing I have a bunch of Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson totes.

The second is the sweet way of doing laundry.  Maybe lots of places have this, but I have never heard of it.  Instead of having to track down change for the machines, they have a debit card slot.  Haha, it facinates me because I am such a small-town hick.

Anyway, This is already too much writing for one post.  Pictures of my apartment to come!