April 20, 2011

What I bought.

 Book and a metal cassette for my car.
 Martha Stewart's magazine is one of my favorites so I bought a bunch of old ones.
 Wicker is my newest obsession.
 This cupcake lights up randomly...  It's in my car.
Annnnd a Chanel belt.  Sweet!

April 19, 2011

Guess what I did this weekend.

Can you guess what I did this weekend from this picture?:
 If you guessed "went to the carnival", you were right!  The carnival was in town and although it was cold and raining and I worked until 9 each night, I went for a bit.  Enough to go on a few rides, buy some cotton candy, have my mum win me a unicorn, and get hit on by creepy carnies.  I would have taken some pictures while there but as I said earlier, it was raining.

On another note, after the carnival I noticed that my unicorn's one eye was sewn on sideways and much lower than the other.  So of course I had to make him an eye patch.  Arrr!

April 18, 2011

A gift from Laura.

Yay for Hello Kitty at the grocery store!  Thanks Laura!

A tour of my house: Laundry Room.

My laundry room is quite hideous with all that mismatched wood panelling, but it gets the job done.

 We have a big white cabinet for all the towels and blankets, but we haven't picked it up yet.  But once we do, I'll have that big counter to fold laundry on.  I put hooks in the wall to hold our brooms and mops.
The cleaning supplies are all kept on the shelf in front of the window, the laundry soaps are on the dryer.  This is the room I most want to paint and redo.  I would make the white counter along the entire wall with cupboards underneath for the cleaners.

April 16, 2011

A tour of my house: Bathroom.

This is my bathroom.  It's very... green.  I plan to paint the towel bar, drawers, and cupboard doors pink.

Awesome flamingo shower curtain and vintage lace thingie (made by my great grandma) on the back of the toilet.
Random cups to hold Qtips, cotton balls, floss etc.  Vintage cream dish for toothbrushes.
Did you spot my friend Kerropi?

April 15, 2011

I did my hair. Again.

Twice in one week?  Who am I trying to impress?  Haha.  This is pretty much the same as my previous style, but I added a braid.  I even ended up swapping out the little silver bow for the giant pink flower.

I did my hair.

Once in a while I stop being a lazy arse and do my hair nicely.  Sooo, the day I got engaged (!) I decided to do just that.  So here it is:
I just swept all my hair to one side and pinned it up.  Then I curled it and added that giant pink flower.
It looked lovely- for about ten minutes then it fell out...  Damn, I need to remember to buy hair spray one of these days.  And sorry for the pjs, haha.

April 14, 2011

A tour of my house: Bedroom.

Soooo, this is my bedroom.  I'm sorry it took so long for me to post pictures of my new house, I just wasn't happy with how it looked.  It's getting better, but there is still a lot I want to do to it.

View from the door:
 Bed.  Left is my nightstand, Right is my man's.
 My makeup table.  To the left is my closet, and my man's is to the right. 
 My closet.
 My man's boooring closet.

What I Bought.

 wicker shelves
 Pooh bear planter
 wedding books and magazines
 this thing has little plates with different heads, tops, and bottoms that you mix and match to create outfits.  Then you put the three plates you like on the middle part with a piece of paper on top and close the clamp.  All you do with it is run a crayon over it until your picture is imprinted onto the paper.  Boooring!  But I had one when I was younger and I loved it.
Barbie kitchen pieces for my ever-changing doll house.

April 13, 2011


So here it is!  Finally.  I finally have a ring, and I finally took pictures of it.  What do you think?
 Can you see the two little hearts on each end of the diamonds?

I love it!  The hearts are so me, haha.  I think we've also set a date for our wedding.  September first- of next year.  September first is our anniversary, and our wedding will be on our sixth.

April 1, 2011

Garden Ramble.

A quick post of What I Bought, Garden Edition:
hummingbird feeder

various plants
I've most likely already told you guys this, but my new house has a huge yard.  And I also have the best landlord who lets us do whatever we want to the house/yard. 
So this year my man and I are digging up a chunk of yard to make a garden.  The place we are putting the garden is a fenced-in area that was once used for chickens.  This area will have the best soil because of chicken poo, yay!  This also works out nice because I can turn the chicken "coop" (it's a shed) into a potting shed.  I've already been looking up cute ideas, but if you have any, please let me know.  
As you'll see from the following pictures, the yard is really lacking in the grass department.  This is because the previous tenants did NOT take care of the yard at all.  For the three years they lived here they didn't rake in the fall, which means I just got to rake up three years of heavy, wet leaves.  Not fun, they were a foot deep! But our landlord hired some young boys to get rid of my piles of leaves (which I was dreading, the previous tenants had ten dogs (!) and of course they didn't clean up after them) and he's also going to seed our "lawn" as soon as it's warm enough outside.
AND also since we're out in the middle of nowhere we can have bonfires.  On yard cleaning day I made a fire pit down in a corner of our yard.  Now we just need more chairs and whatnot.  But since this post is super long, I'll just post the pictures of my yard and shhhsh.
Back "lawn". I'm going to put a swing from this tree.

My soon-to-be potting shed.  The fence to the right of it is the garden.  We're going to make a rock-lined path to the shed.

Front "lawn" and fire pit area.