April 19, 2011

Guess what I did this weekend.

Can you guess what I did this weekend from this picture?:
 If you guessed "went to the carnival", you were right!  The carnival was in town and although it was cold and raining and I worked until 9 each night, I went for a bit.  Enough to go on a few rides, buy some cotton candy, have my mum win me a unicorn, and get hit on by creepy carnies.  I would have taken some pictures while there but as I said earlier, it was raining.

On another note, after the carnival I noticed that my unicorn's one eye was sewn on sideways and much lower than the other.  So of course I had to make him an eye patch.  Arrr!


MissVermilion said...

Aww poor,looks so cute with the eyepatch! <3

Miss R. said...

Haha, I am such a dork.


I love the unicorn with the eye patch Kawaii!!