April 1, 2011

Garden Ramble.

A quick post of What I Bought, Garden Edition:
hummingbird feeder

various plants
I've most likely already told you guys this, but my new house has a huge yard.  And I also have the best landlord who lets us do whatever we want to the house/yard. 
So this year my man and I are digging up a chunk of yard to make a garden.  The place we are putting the garden is a fenced-in area that was once used for chickens.  This area will have the best soil because of chicken poo, yay!  This also works out nice because I can turn the chicken "coop" (it's a shed) into a potting shed.  I've already been looking up cute ideas, but if you have any, please let me know.  
As you'll see from the following pictures, the yard is really lacking in the grass department.  This is because the previous tenants did NOT take care of the yard at all.  For the three years they lived here they didn't rake in the fall, which means I just got to rake up three years of heavy, wet leaves.  Not fun, they were a foot deep! But our landlord hired some young boys to get rid of my piles of leaves (which I was dreading, the previous tenants had ten dogs (!) and of course they didn't clean up after them) and he's also going to seed our "lawn" as soon as it's warm enough outside.
AND also since we're out in the middle of nowhere we can have bonfires.  On yard cleaning day I made a fire pit down in a corner of our yard.  Now we just need more chairs and whatnot.  But since this post is super long, I'll just post the pictures of my yard and shhhsh.
Back "lawn". I'm going to put a swing from this tree.

My soon-to-be potting shed.  The fence to the right of it is the garden.  We're going to make a rock-lined path to the shed.

Front "lawn" and fire pit area.


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Tree swings are so much fun! :)

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Miss R. said...

I agree!
Wow, I thought this post wouldn't get read because it's sooo long. Thanks for reading!