November 30, 2010


Work has been quite dead recently, so last night I did some quick doodles while drinking tea.  (I know, I know, I have a horrible job...)  A conservative school-girl look (aka how I dress)  and a highlighter coloured decora outfit.  Sorry it's sideways...

What I bought. Movie Edition.

I don't remember it I already told you about the movies I ordered from work.  Sorry if I already did, but I didn't see anything about it when I looked (quickly).
I order three out of four of my favorite Hayao Miyazaki movies; Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, and Kiki's Delivery Service.  The fourth being Ponyo, which I already own.  I also already own Spirited Away but it's on VHS.

The cool thing about these movies is that they came with postcards!  I took a picture of the Totoro one to show you.  Cool eh?  (Oops, that made me sound very Canadian, hehe)  Tomorrow I'm going to try and find cute picture frames for them, of course I'll show you the finished product.

Will it stay?

There was a bit of snow when I got off work, but will it stay or melt away?  I hope it stays and/or snows more.  What is Christmas without snow?

November 29, 2010

Outfit Post!!

Finally I remember to take pictures of what I wore.  They are crappy cell phone mirror pictures taken in the bathroom at work, but hey, they are still pictures!  Ta da, here they are:

Busy, busy, busy.

Hiiii ladies!  Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend. 
As you may know, one of the girls where I work was recently fired so we're short on staff.  But then one of the other ladies (who likes to party and do drugs.) decided that she is "sick" and needs two weeks off.  Why were you at the bar if you're so sick?... 
So that leaves us two people short during the busiest time of year.  This means that me and Laura are the only fully trained staff for the holiday season.  Our new girl is lovely, but she isn't much help as she's only had 6 short shifts and doesn't know what she's doing yet.  Laura and I have to pick up all the slack which means working everyday AND longer shifts AND we rarely get breaks.  Lovely.

Anyway, the point of this ramble is that I'll post as soon as I can.  (:

November 24, 2010

Get to know me.

Kind of.  This is a post to let you in on a kawaii kitsch hobby of mine.  Interior design.  (Yeah, yeah.  You probably already know I love to decorate.)  So I've found some pictures off the internet of ways I would love to decorate my apartment.  I am so lucky that my man doesn't care what I do to it.  Enjoy!

What do you think?
It's taking a long time to get my house so lovely, but I am slowly getting it done.  I just wish I could paint my walls...

PS- I found all these pictures on the internet and I don't take credit for them.

What I bought.

I consider this to be a pretty good haul.  Especially since this is all from one place and I had less than an hour to be gone from my house...

Hello Kitty stocking?  JACKPOT!
 This was is a bag of children's play jewellery but I needed it, haha.
 Barbie locker.  I figure this can sit on my desk to store paper clips and whatnot since it's full of shelves.
 Shell box.  This will be perfect for rings or earrings after I deco it to death.
 duck necklace close up
 This duck necklace was in with the headband.
 bear hair clips.  Also in with the headband.
 vintage Christmas balls in lovely pastel colours (well they are but I am horrible at taking pictures)
 You can never have too many books.
 Victoria Secret top that might come in handy for Christmas party season.
 Another square dancing skirt.  You wouldn't believe how excited I get when I find these!
 vintage Barbie stickers.  These need the perfect thing to be stuck on.

What do you think?  What is the best thing you've ever found at a thrift shop?

Seasonal Decor- Winter/Christmas

Today I had planned on finally getting around to doing my polymer clay tutorials, but I forgot that my clays and tools are still at my mum's house.  Damn!  I will most likely go get the rest of my things tonight.  So instead, today I am blogging about decorating your house (or bedroom) for the season and upcoming holidays.

Winter themes include: snowflakes, sleighs, snowmen, white, silver, etc.  I also decorate bare tree branches. Try adding cozy quilts to your couches and/or bed.  Wood and wool are good textures for the winter season.  Place glass vases full of pinecones or small balls of yarn on bookshelves.

 And now on to Christmas.  Themes include Santa, reindeer, gifts, stockings, red, green, gold, etc.
Wreaths, trees, holly, mistletoe- lots of green and red plants and berries are festive, scatter these around.  Fill up a glass vase with candy canes or other holiday candy or try red, green, and gold Christmas tree balls.  String up lights and garlands.  Serve hot chocolate in Christmas mugs, add a candy cane for more holiday cheer.  Use themed trays to serve food or just put them on tabletops to hold random things.  Make things around your house look like presents by adding ribbon and bows.  Last year I did this to my toad's tank.  Use Christmas tree balls as curtain tie-backs.  Add reb velvet bows to everything.  Be creative when you decorate your tree, add anything you can hang to it.  Look for vintage decorations, they are so much cuter. 

November 20, 2010


It is snowing here, ugh!  But this means I can decorate the apartment for Christmas, yay!  Soon I'll do a guide for decorating year round.  Ta ta.
My favorite decorations (so far):

And the rest:

November 19, 2010

What I bought.

I have been out and about shopping lately, just with all the moving and having my things spread out between two house I haven't been taking pictures of what I've bought.  Sorry for the lack of photos, I'll add them when I have some.

Giant icecream cone.
Random books and puzzles.
Grey ruffled dress.
Floral square dancing skirt.
Victoria's Secert tanktop.
Pictionary & Pretty Pretty Princess. (board games)

What makes me happy.

  • snuggling with my kitties.
  • being silly with my man.
  • hitting the thrift shops with my mum.
  • anime days with Laura.
  • drinking too much tea.
  • decorating or rearranging my apartment.
  • the feeling after you clean your house top-to-bottom.
  • doing puzzles or colouring with my mum.
  • hot dogs roasts on a bon fire.
  • late night Gossip Girl marathons.
  • international shopping trips with Laura.

November 18, 2010


I went to the library the other day and apparently they have movies now.  So I took out Breakfast at Tiffany's and a book called How to Walk in High Heels.  I am excited to watch BAT, which I'll probably do before work tomorrow, and I am enjoying the book which is a guide to pretty much everything in life for ladies.

 This is one of my sister's favorite movies.  I must say the books are a million times better...

Wow, what a boooring post.  Sorry.

Ways to spend a winter afternoon

  • bake banana bread or cupcakes.  Or use cookie cutters to make cookies for an upcoming holiday.
  • make a paper doll with your dream wardrobe.
  • learn a new craft.  I want to learn embroidery and how to make kawaii felt things.
  • make an inspiration board with an old picture frame.
  • email or text your family and friends just to wish them a good day. Bonus points if you send letters in the mail.
  • dig out your favorite childhood board games.
  • snuggle with your kitty or teddy bear and watch Disney movies.
  • have a candlelit bubble bath.  Put glitter in the water.
  • deco something random.  I plan on decoing my cats' collars and my butter dish.  Yeah...
  • turn up the tunes and dance like a crazy person.  This is how I get exercise.
  • make business cards.
  • try a new recipe.
  • visit a local museum.  I've lived in this town my whole life and just went to museum this past summer.
  • look up some kawaii crafts you can do. (Make an old tea cup into a candle or anything from here or here.)

Make your day happier.

Make everyday things a little bit cuter.

Heart shaped french fries I made for dinner, yum!

Shugo Chara

Do any of you watch anime?  My friend from work has recently been trying to get me into it.  So far I must say I've been enjoying it.  We started out with weekly movie days where we would get Chinese takeout and watch one of Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli films.  After Spirited Away, Ponyo, Howl's Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, and Kiki's Delivery Service we deciced to move on to something new.

This is when we started watching Shugo Chara.  It is also a series of manga which I have also started reading.  Anyway. it is about a young girl named Amu Hinamori who is seen as the cool, mysterious girl at school.  But Amu Hinamori is not really like that at all, and one night she wishes she was brave enough to show the world her true self.  The next morning she finds three colourful eggs in her bed.  These eggs soon hatch into Guardian Charas which are meant to help Amu be her true self.  Ran is the sporty one, Miki is an artist, and Su is good at sewing and anything in the kitchen.  Amu realizes she is not the only person at school with these Guardian Charas following her around; the Guardians (a group of students at school, kind of like a school council) also have them.  They recruit her for their group and fill her in about the eggs and characters that come from them.  Not all is well though, there are people who can make the eggs turn into X Eggs, which hatch X Characters and make the person which they came from fall into a deep depression and think they are worthless.  These bad guys work for Easter Company who's goal is to find a special X Egg so they are going around changing eggs.  What's worse is if the X Eggs isn't this special Embryo they are looking for they crush it leaving someone pretty much a zombie for the rest of their life.  The Guardians' job is to revert X Eggs and X Characters back to normal before it's too late.

image via Google

Wow, that was quite the ramble.  But the show is really good so I hope you might want to get interested in it.
If you watch anime, can you recommend a good girly one for me to watch next?

I made these from Polymer clay to make the hair clips from the show.  I know, I'm a nerd.

November 15, 2010

Just a quick update.

First, a picture to get your attention:
My dream house. Very cute and very kitschy, love it.

Lots of stuff going on lately. 

One of the girls at work was fired so we've all had to take over her shifts, ugh!  I moved out of my apartment and into my parent's house, but I miss my man too much so I am moving back in soon.  I just couldn't deal with the millions of kittens (okay, there were only 6, but still) so I wanted to leave until they were gone. 

Ummm, what else?  I don't know really, I've just been really stressed out and haven't made time to blog or even catch up on your blogs.  Hopefully I'll be back in full swing soon. 

Things to look forward to:
  • recent buys
  • what I've been up to
  • Polymer clay tutorials
  • apartment decor, since you know I won't put anything back where it was when I move back. Haha.

November 12, 2010

Lovely Gifts

It seems everytime that Laura goes shopping without me she brings me back something.  She is a very good friend, I like it.  So anyway, this is what she bought me yesterday:

My mum found this adorable vintage wrapping paper in her stash and gave it to me yesterday as well:

November 11, 2010

US Trip Randoms

Here are some random  pictures from when I went shopping.
Spicy chicken burger:
 My hair:
 Ninja Laura
 Hideous me:
 A donut maker, and a cupcake maker.  Very cute.
 Hello Kitty dishes: