November 24, 2010

Seasonal Decor- Winter/Christmas

Today I had planned on finally getting around to doing my polymer clay tutorials, but I forgot that my clays and tools are still at my mum's house.  Damn!  I will most likely go get the rest of my things tonight.  So instead, today I am blogging about decorating your house (or bedroom) for the season and upcoming holidays.

Winter themes include: snowflakes, sleighs, snowmen, white, silver, etc.  I also decorate bare tree branches. Try adding cozy quilts to your couches and/or bed.  Wood and wool are good textures for the winter season.  Place glass vases full of pinecones or small balls of yarn on bookshelves.

 And now on to Christmas.  Themes include Santa, reindeer, gifts, stockings, red, green, gold, etc.
Wreaths, trees, holly, mistletoe- lots of green and red plants and berries are festive, scatter these around.  Fill up a glass vase with candy canes or other holiday candy or try red, green, and gold Christmas tree balls.  String up lights and garlands.  Serve hot chocolate in Christmas mugs, add a candy cane for more holiday cheer.  Use themed trays to serve food or just put them on tabletops to hold random things.  Make things around your house look like presents by adding ribbon and bows.  Last year I did this to my toad's tank.  Use Christmas tree balls as curtain tie-backs.  Add reb velvet bows to everything.  Be creative when you decorate your tree, add anything you can hang to it.  Look for vintage decorations, they are so much cuter. 

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