November 24, 2010

What I bought.

I consider this to be a pretty good haul.  Especially since this is all from one place and I had less than an hour to be gone from my house...

Hello Kitty stocking?  JACKPOT!
 This was is a bag of children's play jewellery but I needed it, haha.
 Barbie locker.  I figure this can sit on my desk to store paper clips and whatnot since it's full of shelves.
 Shell box.  This will be perfect for rings or earrings after I deco it to death.
 duck necklace close up
 This duck necklace was in with the headband.
 bear hair clips.  Also in with the headband.
 vintage Christmas balls in lovely pastel colours (well they are but I am horrible at taking pictures)
 You can never have too many books.
 Victoria Secret top that might come in handy for Christmas party season.
 Another square dancing skirt.  You wouldn't believe how excited I get when I find these!
 vintage Barbie stickers.  These need the perfect thing to be stuck on.

What do you think?  What is the best thing you've ever found at a thrift shop?


Tamara Nicole said...

Ha ha ha love that barbie locker! How cute:-)

xo.- R said...

Me too! I am such a nerd for collecting random things like that.

Blythe down the rabbit hole said...

barbie locker and vintage barbie stickers super kawaii

xo.- R said...

I agree! And I paid $0.50 for the stickers AND the locker.