November 18, 2010

Ways to spend a winter afternoon

  • bake banana bread or cupcakes.  Or use cookie cutters to make cookies for an upcoming holiday.
  • make a paper doll with your dream wardrobe.
  • learn a new craft.  I want to learn embroidery and how to make kawaii felt things.
  • make an inspiration board with an old picture frame.
  • email or text your family and friends just to wish them a good day. Bonus points if you send letters in the mail.
  • dig out your favorite childhood board games.
  • snuggle with your kitty or teddy bear and watch Disney movies.
  • have a candlelit bubble bath.  Put glitter in the water.
  • deco something random.  I plan on decoing my cats' collars and my butter dish.  Yeah...
  • turn up the tunes and dance like a crazy person.  This is how I get exercise.
  • make business cards.
  • try a new recipe.
  • visit a local museum.  I've lived in this town my whole life and just went to museum this past summer.
  • look up some kawaii crafts you can do. (Make an old tea cup into a candle or anything from here or here.)

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