July 21, 2011

Mexico, Part 7. Travelling.

sunrise on the drive to Calgary.

I love this lake.

so pretty.


Paddy hates when I take pictures when he drives...

Ugh, it's 4am...

morning rush hour in Calgary.

Paddy at the airport.

Mazatlan airport

My view.

That lady would not shut up.  Ugh!

July 20, 2011

Mexico, Part 6. Day Trip to Deer Island.

Including with our stay at Royal Villas was a day trip to Deer Island.  (You can see Deer Island in lots of my pictures, it's right in front of the resort)  Paddy and I and another couple were brought over on a small tin boat by a really awesome guy from the activitied staff.  Sadly, I can't remember his name, but he also hosted bingo. 
We were provided with chairs, umbrellas, a cooler full of beer and water, lunch, kayaks, and snorkelling gear.  Everyone excpept me went snorkelling.  The activities guy and the other girl both got stung by jellyfish, so I'm glad I didn't go.  Paddy saw lots of colourful fish, corral, sea urchins, and tons of stuff he didn't know.  The other gut that came saw an octopus and an eel as well.
Mostly, I walked around and gathered shells (Yay, finally some shells!) and swam a bit.  The water here was calm and soooo clear!  I saw some interesting fish and an octopus because some guy grabbed it while he was swimming.
The lunch was good, but very random.  We got a chunk of fish, a chicken breast, a ham sandwich, an apple, and a slice of chocolate cake.  Mmm!

Anyway, on to the pictures:
a blurry hermit crab.

Paddy beside our boat.  Our resort is just to the right of his head.

dead sea urchin

Paddy liked this umbrella.  Look at all the shells!


desert.  We could have hiked up there, but it was too hot.

Paddy snorkelling

view of the mainland.

more pasty-white tourists.

hermit crab #2

turtle egg shell.


me being a dork by the reefs.


the bar on the island.  People were drinking out of coconuts from here, but Paddy and I didn't know to bring money.  Boo!


this is the only picture taken of us taken by someone other than me from the entire trip.

all my shells from Deer Island.  So pretty!

July 19, 2011

Sitting in the theatre waiting for Harry Potter to start. Wooo!

Mexico, Part 5.

crazy birds with huge, bright orange beaks


I found Paddy a crab leg, but he wouldn't eat it...

I wanted this Spiderman toy.  Okay, I wanted everything...


lizzard on the roof of the bar.  Ugh!


pool.  And Paddy.

out front of the resort


Paddy said this pouting statue looks like me.  :(

gazing at the sunset.

see the lizzard?


This guy wouldn't let me run away!  He grabbed me and put his hat on my head (!) then put his nasty lizzard on my head.  It only looks like I am smiling, I was terrified!


Paddy looks super excited to play bingo.  (Because I told him to)

woooo bingo!  We won 10 pesos ($1...)

Tanned.  Well, I am.  Paddy is red.  Shouldn't have red hair in Mexico Paddy...