July 15, 2011

Mexico, Part One.

Finally! I'm sorry for taking soooo long to post about this. Or about anything, really. I haven't posted in almost two weeks...

Anyway, Mexico was pretty fun. We're going again soon, but this time with more people. We both agree that it would be way more fun if we brought someone else with us, because we'd feel more comfortable going out and about in a group.

The resort we stayed at (The Royal Villas) was lovely. It was very open, with no front or back doors. The front opened up to a cobblestone courtyard with taxis and bellboys waiting to assist you. The back opened up to a big pool area with a waterslide and a hot tub. Dozen of lounge chairs and wheeled umbrellas surrounded the pool and overlooked the ocean. The sandy beach was a short flight of stairs from the pool. Everywhere you looked there were palm trees.

Inside the hotel there was a small store, a restaurant, a casual dining area, a couple sitting areas, two computers, a gym, laundry rooms, a games area, and a bar.  The store sold designer sandals and bags, as well as sunscreen.  Both the restaurant and the other dining area served amazing food, but I'll get into that soon.  (Details to come.  Secret, secret.)  I never even saw the gym or the laundry rooms, psssht, we were on vacation!  The games area was a corner near that bar that had a pingpong table, air hockey table, pool table and some arcade games.  But besides the pool area, the place we spent the most time while at the resort was the bar area. 

Located just under the roof, right beside the pool was the bar.  This area had live music, great food, and the best waiters ever.  We even played rifas (bingo) here.  By far, the best waiter was Rafael.  He kept us from going thirsty by bringing us new drinks, sometimes even before we were half finished the previous drink.  He kept bringing me new, different drinks to try, all of which were delicious.  When we were just sitting around near the bar, he would randomly bring us food.  ("It's good, try it.")  I was sure that we'd gain ten pounds from all the food, but again, more about that later.

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