July 18, 2011

Mexico, Part 4.

view of the boardwalk from the shuttle

this boarwalk is three miles long

nightclub castle

sealion statue on the boardwalk

someone's house

pasty-white tourists

this was my view most of the trip


breakfast area

breaskfast area

beach in front of the resort

Paddy setting up our umbrella

people selling things

chairs overlooking the beach

ordering lunch

getting a bit of a tan now.

ewww, hahah.

all-inclusive wristbands.  Look at Paddy's knee burn...

pink pina colada

Paddy's facebook profile picture.  Or so he said when he took this.

holding a pidgeon

flower in the hotel

AAAAARRRRGGGH!  I almost peed myself when this ran past me!

I am posing with the lizzard.  See him waaay over there?  I wouldn't get any closer.

I wanted thoses baskets...

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