July 17, 2011

Mexico, Part 3.

The balcony of our seventh floor room looked out over the town and the ocean, and gave us a great view of the sunset each evening. The room itself was large with two beds, a kitchen, and a good-sized bathroom. Every day when we were out, the room was cleaned top-to-bottom and stocked with snacks and drinks. We got chocolate bars, chips, peanuts, juice, pop, water, even beer. Our towels were folded into swans too, which my mum was excited to hear for some reason.

The beach was beautiful.  It was very sandy and clean, and the water was so clear.  There was a volleyball net set up, which Paddy got some use from.  The activities staff from the resort organized a few games of volleyball which he joined in on.  The activities staff also rented out kayaks and jet skis.  We rented a jet ski one day, but I didn't like it much so Paddy had to go out alone.  I think he had more fun once I got off...  Haha.  The only thing that I didn't enjoy was the severe lack of shells (they raked the beach early every morning) and the water.  The waves were really, really big the entire time we were there.  But I guess that's the way it is this time of year.  Oh well.  It was fun sometimes to just stand in water and get thrown around by the waves.  Besides, we had a pool to swim in, and we swam and found shells when we went on a day trip to Deer Island.  (See future posts for day trips)

The beach also had tons of people selling things.  Sunglasses, dresses, baskets, toys, fruit, hair braiding, tours, tattoos, (yeah, scary.) even drugs.  We only bought some sunglasses from the people walking by on the beach.  We did wander around a few markets to do a bit of shopping, see pictures.

gargantuan waves

view from our room

view from our room

view from our room

horseback riding on the beach

Paddy and his new girlfriend



Paddy playing Grand Theft Auto.  Nerd...


Paddy drinking beer in the shower

at the market

Paddy buying a beer mug

Paddy's war wounds from playing volleyball

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