June 11, 2012

5 weeks(ish)

Only guessing since I still haven't been to a doctor.  I went to make an appointment on Thursday.  The lady said she would get back to me soon, so hopefully that is today...  I want to know all about my baby!!!

On May 28 I came back to my home town to tell my family that I'm pregnant.  And, well, I kind of decided not to leave...  Now I'm looking into finding a place to live (I'm just at my family's house right now) and jobs.

Laura and I went shopping on Saturday in Cranbrook.  She found some really cute little Adidas shoes with Winnie the Pooh on them, which of course I bought.  My parents also bought me a cute little blanket with owls and elephants on it.  Green and brown, yay, it'll match my house.  I don't know why my decor style is turning hippie-chic these days...

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