December 27, 2010

Christmas Presents!!

I got a lovely, big haul this year for Christmas.  I wanted to show you what I bought for everyone as well, but I forgot to take pictures before I wrapped them, oh well.  I guess I'll just shhhhhhhsh up and show you the pictures.
Chocolates from Sarah
 iPod player for my car from my man.
 Betsey Johnson day-of-the-week socks and Betsey Johnson makeup bag from my parents.
 Makeup bag, headbands and erasers from my sister.
 CD from my boss and Hello Kitty computer game from my man.
 Hello Kitty pj bottoms and tshirt from my parents.
 Flamingo bobblehead, postcard, and minature flamingo from my parents.
 Cupcake mug, tray, and coaster from my parents.
 Cookbook from my parents.  Does this mean I have to cook now?  Ugh!
 Nail polish, stickers, nail decals, nail files, mascara and undies from my parents.
 Fimo kit, and scrapbooking paper cutters from my parents.
 Perfume from my parents.
 More perfume from my parents.
 Bamboo mats and Disney bubble bath from Laura.  Stationary and tree ornament from my man's mum.
 Microwave from Santa.  Yay, my vintage one may have been cute, but it didn't work very well...
Bonus photos:
See that Hello Kitty in the corner?  My man got me Hello Kitty floor mats for my car!  I didn't get a picture because I ran out and put them in my car right away, haha.

Not pictured- I also got a gift card to Tim Hortons (a coffee place for all of you who aren't Canadian) from a customer at work.  Another customer also got me a book on pretty much every movie ever made. (It's huuuge!)  Money and hair elastics.  Probably some other things that I'm forgetting too.

What was the best thing you gave/ received this year?


Melody said...

I think my favourite would be the harajuku perfume <3 ! I have the old version but I want the new one ! hehe <3

Hmmm, my favourite? I think it would be ...the Estee Lauder makeup ! :)

Blythe down the rabbit hole said...

loves it,Happy christmas gal :)

Miss R. said...

Hope you both had a wonderful Christmas!!

lauradoodles said...

I love your hello kitty floormats! My whole car is hello kitty :) It's an addiction!! All of the gifts you got were great!!

Miss R. said...

Oooh, I would love to see pictures of that!