December 23, 2010

What I bought.

Vintage Alice in Wonderland book.  This one is from 1943!
 Lollipop candles.
 Christmas tree jar.
 A big ball of vintage tree decorations.
 Wall hanging thing.  Of course.


Melody said...

Awesome ^^
The lollipop candles look amazingly good ! haha <3

Miss R. said...

They are awesome, and I paid $1.50 for all three of them!

P o o p e r said...

Loving the christmas spirit! <33
And omg, you are so lucky. ;_;
That Vintage Alice book looks so awesome!

Miss R. said...

I love Christmas, lots of time spent with my family. Well, usually, this year I am working waay too much.

And I am pretty sure out of all my books, that Alice one is my new favorite.