December 13, 2010

Get to know R.

My job: I work the local movie rental store Video Express.  I've been here for a year and a half.  I love this job (most of the time) and the ladies I work with (again, most of the time).  It's part time, mostly closing shifts.  I am also the person who trains new additions to our staff.  I have met three of my best friends working here, and my boss is awesome.  I also say if she wasn't my boss (and closer to my age) we would be best friends.  She loves shopping as much as I do and we can get carried away talking for way too long.  She has great style and I want to steal half her shoes and sweaters and purses despite that fact that she is 63.  hehehe.
Jen and Laura

Me and Jen

Sarah, Me, Laura.
Does this look like a fun place to work?  We get to dress up for Halloween and for new movies when they come out.  The middle picture is from when a war movie came out, we are in camoflauge with face paint.  The top one is Halloween this year and the bottom one is Halloween last year.

Sarah and Jen both no longer work there but I still love them both.  Laura has worked at the movie store for almost four years.  My boss Bernice has been the manager for 16 years.  Lots of people think she is scary, which she is until you get to know her.

Now I am a movie expert, haha.  You can ask me "You know that movie with that guy.  He has a son...  He has brown hair.  What is that called?"  And most of the time I'll actually know what's going on.  It's pretty bad, haha.  We also get to watch movies the weekend before they come out for rent or sale.

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P o o p e r said...

Your job sounds awesome and fun! Not everyone gets to have fun managers and friendly coworkers!

I consider that a good thing to know about all the movie releases. xD It makes it a great conversation if anyone brings up any movies!