December 12, 2010

Christmas tree!

My man and I finally went and got our Christmas tree.  Yay!

 My favorite parts of it are:
Marc Jacobs bracelet.

Betsey Johnson tag

Betsey Johnson keychain and Hello Kitty keychain

pastel vintage balls.

giant bows.

And as a bonus:  Quick, easy decorating idea.  Wrap up random bits of cardboard to look like presents and hang them on the wall.

How did you get ready for the holiday season?


Melody said...

Cutee! Love the things that you hung on your Christmas Tree :) Especially the Marc Jacobs bracelet !

xo.- R said...

Thanks! I have barely any decorations so I had to get creative.

Blythe down the rabbit hole said...

love the betsey and hello kitty looks wonderful

Miss R. said...

Thank you! I've already added more to it. (: