June 9, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011.

I don't think I told you lovely ladies this yet, but my man and I are going on our first real vacation together this summer.  Our plan is to take a road trip to Vancouver Island.  We'll be stopping in Penticton for a day, hitting up a few different beaches and tourist spots on the Island, visiting the Vancouver Aquarium, camping in the Okanogan somewhere for a night, then coming home.  It'll be a busy nine days, but very worth it.

This is the plan:
Day 1, leave Creston at 6am.  Drive to Penticton (6 hours), spend the day at the lake.

Day 2, leave Penticton at 6:30am.  Drive to the ferry in Vancouver that'll take us to the Island (5 hours).  After the nearly two-hour ferry ride, we'll head to Parksville on Vancouver Island.  Spend the afternoon at the beach, then have a nice seafood dinner.

Day 3, leave Parksville around 11am.  Drive to Miracle Beach (1 hour) and spend the day there.  Camp at the ajoining campground.

Day 4, leave Miracle Beach around 10am.  Drive to Cumberland to visit some relatives quickly.  Drive to Coombs and spend an hour looking around there.  Drive to Cathedral Grove, spend an hour there.  Drive to Tofino.  Eat a nice dinner.

Day 5, Hang out on the beaches in Tofino.

Day 6, Leave Tofino around 8am.  Drive to Duncan (4.5 hours) and visit the BC Forest Discovery Centre (Logging Museum) and the Craigstreet Brew Pub (a pub that brews it's own beer on site).  We'll camp here too, probably eating dinner at the pub.

Day 7, Stop by the Duncan Farmer's Market at 9am, then drive to Sidney (1 hour).  Visit the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre.  Camp in Sidney, or head back up to Duncan area to camp.

Day 8, Be back to catch the ferry by 9:30am.  After the ferry ride back to Vancouver, we are going to go to the Vancouver Aquarium.  Then we'll drive towards home until we find somewhere that we want to stay for the night.

Day 9, Drive home and rest up because it's back to work the next day.

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Bea said...

this all sounds so nice!! very jealous!! love a bit of a ferry ride!