June 6, 2011

My new hobby.

For my birthday my mum got me a children's cross stitching kit.  It was a cupcake, and I had tons of fun doing it.  I mean I didn't even go to bed until my needle broke.  (damn you needle!)  Soooo, I bought some more cross stitching stuff and got to work.  All the kits had stupid flowery patterns, or Santa Claus so I looked up "kawaii cross stitch" on Google and saved a few images.  Which means I must say that I'm sorry to whoever I am stealing these cute ideas from.  Annnnyway, here is what I've made so far:
This is what came in the kit.

This is the second one I made that I found on google.

And this is the one I was working on until I ran out of brown thread...  It's Deery Lou from Sanrio.


Bea said...

eeeeee i love these!!! Especially the lolly one!! I wanna play! ^__^

Miss R. said...

I am proud of me! Leaving out the fact that cross stitch is soooo easy... I am happy with how they turned out.