June 23, 2011

Kawaii/Kitsch Home Decor.

Need ideas for cheap home decor?  Who doesn't?  I have tons of ideas for you that come from my own house, which I'll slowly be introducing you to.  First I'll start with the kitchen.  This is probably one of the rooms your guests see the most.  For me it is anyway.  So I like the kitchen to have lots of personality. 

Personally, I like color.  And vintage.  I assume you do too, or you probably wouldn't be here reading my blog.  Anyway, one thing I like to stock up on at thrift shops is vintage aprons.  They come in handy when you are cooking, baking, cleaning, or gardening.  Or dressing up like Alice.
 But they are too cute to keep shoved in a drawer when you aren't prancing around in one.  So, you could try hanging them on a hook on an empty wall in your kitchen.  Or a number of hooks if you have more space, as I do.  There is a small bit of wall beside my fridge where I hang my collection of vintage aprons and my cute potholders.  Here they are on display, AND super handy.

You could also hang cute potholders from strong magnets on your fridge.  I have another Care Bears one on my fridge...

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