June 22, 2011

Fort Steele, part two.

Oh, poo!  Blogger was being so good for a while there and letting me post pictures.  I finally caught up on adding photos to the back log of posts I had saved as drafts.  But I supposed I shouldn't have pushed my luck and tried to make a few new posts, because it's stopped working again.  Not before I uploaded three pictures, take that Blogger!  :)  Here they are:

Such a cute building.  During the tourist season you can go in, get dressed up, and have old-looking B&W photos taken of you.  Last time I came here this was a librarian's house or something of the sort...

 Methinks this lady was the town prostitute or something...  She just wandered around and harrassed all the poor men while they were trying to work.  Just kidding!  I think she was the one in charge of the "Gossip Tour".  When we first arrived the lady at the entrance told us about this "Gossip Tour" where a young lady would take you around Fort Steele and tell you about the people who lived there.  But since this is the off season, we were pretty much the only people here, and she had nothing to do.  (We should have went on the tour, damn!  Oh well, next time.)

Sheep have such creepy eyes...  This dude wouldn't stop following me for some reason.

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