June 27, 2011

In Mexico!!!

Hey ladies!  Sorry, I just assume that no men read this...  But if you're out there reading this and you are not a lady, say "HI!" so I can acknowledge you next time.  Anyway, stop distracting me so I can get on with my post.

As you read this, I am laying on the sunny, hot beach at my resort in Mexico.  Hopefully.  This is a scheduled post so who knows for sure.  I may have had some bad food and am actually in the bathroom half dead.  Or sunburnt and passed out on the cool tile floors.  Maybe I don't even have cool tile floors!  Oh no! 

Just wanting to let you all know that I'm thinking of you.  I bet you've already noticed that I've scheduled a few posts for you while I'm away.  Anyway, I just wanted to say: write me a comment about how much you hate me right now, while you sit in the rain being grumpy that I didn't ask you to come with me.


Bea said...

i hate you and im grumpy....except for that england is having a crazy heatwave at the moment and its 33 degrees!! for us that is crazy!!! ^__^

Miss R. said...

Holy! That's kind of insane. Enjoy it while it lasts. It's so hot here that I use all my energy just walking outside for a few minutes...