January 29, 2011

What I bought.

Once again, I'm sorry for the lack of decent posts.  We're moving for the next couple of weeks so when I'm not at work I'll be packing and moving boxes.  And I'm really not in the mood to be doing anything, haha.  Anyway, onto the good stuff:
500 000 000 sprinkles.  They were on sale, a big tub for only $1, so I bought all of them...
 A children's book about how to act like a princess.
 Giant diamond bracelet and My Melody watch.
 Dora the Explorer container to bring sugar to work so I can drink tea.
 Lace table runner.
 A little bowl.  500 points to you if you can tell me what that symbol is.
 Hello Kitty pj bottoms.
 The Light Princess book.  Has anyone ever heard of this fairytale before?
 My mum actually bought this for me because it's cuuuute!

What have you bought recently?


TheMadTwins said...

Ow that children book is so cute!
and the book: The Light Princess looks so good!
what is the story about?

Miss R. said...

It is about a princess who gets cursed so she doesn't weigh anything. She gets blown away by the littlest breeze unless she's in the water. She also doesn't really have any emotions and just laughs at everything. It's pretty weird, but I liked it.