January 27, 2011

Day 23, 15 facts about you.

I'm really glad this one fell on one of my rare days off, phew!  Anyway, I'll get started now:

  1. My dad named me after a girl he had a huge cruch on in high school.
  2. I am obsessed with the Harvest Moon video games.
  3. I am terrified of paper cuts.  If I get one I hyperventilate and cry.
  4. Almost all my underwear have Hello Kitty on them.
  5. I could eat chicken burgers for every meal, yum!
  6. I don't want to have a wedding, I just want to be married.
  7. My favorite movies are all Disney movies.
  8. My favorite scent is coconut.
  9. I hate pineapple.  I can't even stand the smell of it.
  10. I only use Betsey Johnson purses.
  11. I'd rather clean and sit around my house all day then hang out with my friends most of the time.
  12. I've gained 20lbs since high school.
  13. I just bought a gamecube to play video games, haha.  Going back in time...
  14. I talk to my cats more than any normal person should.
  15. I collect vintage kids' books.  Especially Alice in Wonderland.
Ta da! Am I super interesting or what?
here is an awful cellphone picture of a couple of rednecks for you.

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