January 29, 2011

Day 25, What’s in your purse?

Oh yay!  I just cleaned my purse too.  Kind of...  You don't need to see my purse since I just posted a picture of it last week.  Anyway, I'll just go take pictures now...

Ta da!
In my purse:
(clockwise)  random receipts, chocolate, camera, phone, wallet, makeup bag, keys

In my makeup bag:
 (clockwise) mirror, tin of Tylenol, hair things, ring, perfume, Chap Stick, lip gloss, earrings (hard to see...)

In my wallet:
(clockwise) change, bills, cards.  This is actually a Jewellery roll (whatever that is) but it makes a cute wallet.

See?  I told you I am addicted to Betsey Johnson.


Melody said...

Yes, your wallet is adorable! haha. x) and eee your bag seems much more neater than mine v.v'

Bea said...

Thanks to your purse, I had to do a little bit of google-ing and found out that The Queen is the Queen of Canada too!! wtf??? I can't believe im english and never knew that! "I was like "why's the queen on canadian money...." ta mrs!!! haha xxx

Miss R. said...

I just cleaned it, it's not usually so empty.

Hehe, yep about the Queen.