January 5, 2011

What I bought. Vintage toy edition.

Have you ever heard of these little guys?  I sure hadn't.
They were made in 1983-1984, which is probably why.

They are little plasticy-rubber people and animals with loops on their heads that came with various jewellery you could attach them to.  Apparently they are meant to be scented, but the ones I found aren't in the greatest shape and no longer smell how they should.  The collection I found isn't complete but it's pretty damn close from what I've found on the internet.  The jewellery I have consists of two ring bases (which don't even fit my pinky, haha), two train necklaces, a cord necklace, a hair bow, and three chocker/bracelet hooks.  I also have all the furniture and most of the characters.

What do you think of my little collection?  I got all of this for $3, great deal!  Have you ever heard of these?


Bea said...

Love this! It reminds me a bit of Polly Pockets which were AMAZING!!! x

Miss R. said...

I know hey. The old Polly Pockets were awesome, boo to the new ones though.

Anonymous said...

so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Your toys are great!!
So kawaii *Q* yaaay

Miss R. said...

I am kind of obsessed with vintage toys, haha.