September 7, 2010

A Romantic Date

Sunday evening my man and I went on a date of sorts.  I will probably sound like the biggest redneck when I write what we did. But I am from Canada after all, haha. 

So after we got off work we went up a mountain road where my man cut up a dead tree with his chainsaw.  We loaded up the back of our truck and drove a bit further down the road to the river.  We planned on making a fire pit with some of the rocks, but there was already one set up beside some logs.  Other people had obviously had the same idea as us...  Anyway, my man pulled the truck up beside the river and turned the radio to our favorite station, and went about making a fire.  Then we sat around the fire, talking and drinking.  Once the fire was burned down a bit we roasted hot dogs over the coals.  By the time we were done eating it was quite dark and since I am a wimp, I wanted to go home.

I have pictures but they're on my phone and for some reason I have no service today...  I could go get my cable and plug my phone into the computer, but I am pretty lazy right now.

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