September 24, 2010

More of what I bought

I think I may do too much shopping.


What am I thinking!? There is no such thing as too much shopping.  So anyway, here are some pictures of what I bought today:

I actually bought Country Living a few days ago and the Selena Gomez cd was a goft from Jenny Bear.

 I bought this the other day as well.  It's the rocking horse dish I wrote about on my last What I Bought post.
 Wall hanging for Fall
 Another Fall wall hanging
 Pink tee
 shirt-dress with a crown
 pink and creme camisole
 Barbie pj bottoms
 Little Mermaid fannypack

And I forgot to take a picture of that dress I bought and posted last time before I modified it, but here is what it looks like now:

Have you been shopping lately?  What did you buy?


I Live. I [♥]. In Tokyo said...

Shopping, how fun~

Greetings from Japan!

Melody said...

This looks awesome :D

I haven't shopped in awhile, I think the last time I went shopping I bought three dresses ! :) I blogged about it sometime ago ^-^

xo.- R said...

Dresses are my favorite!

I'll check out both your blogs. :)