May 25, 2011

Things are GROWING!!

The past few days have been crappy and rainy.  Again.  Why oh why can't we get more than one nice day every few weeks.  Some old guy at work told me this is the coldest spring on record for my area.  Not good.  But anyway, I guess my gardens have been liking all this rain, because everything is growing so quickly!  Last week when it was nice out, I took a bunch of pictures to post on my blog, but everything is so much nicer and greener that I'm going to go take new pictures, riiiight NOW!

The farthest square are strawberries, the rest of the plants pictured are herbs.  Not pictured are my watermelons because they aren't growing...

Flowers in one of the window boxes.

rubarb.  This crap is growing all over our yard.  What am I supposed to do with it!?

Our radishes.  The biggest, greenest thing in our veggie garden.  You couldn't really see anything else growing, they're all too small still.  So no more veggie pictures yet.

Apple tree.


For some reason I can't upload the rest of my pictures, ho hum.  I hope you enjoyed these because I got a nasty bug in my eye while I was outside taking these.  Ick!!


Bea said...

yay!! Im not the only old lady growing stuff!! all my things are still tiny tho- except my butternut squash shoots which are coming along soooooo quick!! x

Miss R. said...

This is my first garden so I don't know what I'm doing. So far it's working out well though.

Bea said...

well it looks good and thats important lol