May 25, 2011

My yard, part one.

As I previously mentioned, my garden shed is too disgusting from years of neglect to use.  Boo!  So, in order to have a ll my gardening supplies together, I set up a gardening station on my side porch. 
Here it is:

These are SOME of the "window" boxes at my house.  They are actually all attached to porch railings so I don't know what to call them, haha.  I really need to go back to the green house to get flowers for them.  Right now they have only one small spot that is flowers, the rest are filled with crappy plants from inside my house, or these lollipop shaped candles.  And sadly, the lollipops are the only thing that still look lovely.

An idea for garden markers that I got from Country Living.  (I can't remember which magazine it was, but if you know please tell me)

A super cute hummingbird feeder I bought a few months ago.  It may be cute, but most of the birds here can't figure out how to use it...

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