February 10, 2011


Apparently our new landlord makes wine.  He gave us a bottle and we cracked it open last night to drink with our spaghetti.  It was really, really good!  It made me think of making my own wine.  It isn't very hard, people around here do it all the time.  There are all sorts of grapes and wild berries growing on the property we're moving to.  There are also fruit trees and room for a garden!  I am super excited to have a garden.  There is also a chicken coop if we want to have chickens, but I think it would make a mighty cute garden shed...  Hehe.  Anyway, we get the keys to our house later today so expect pictures very soon.


TT's Attic said...

I love vino!!! :)

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Kerous said...

I know some people who regularly make their own wine, its amazing. One girl made wildflower wine, it was different but so amazing. Seriously one of the best wine I've ever had!

I love that you can make unusual wines that aren't really sold in stores.

If you start making it yourself you should try mead(honey wine), which is great for beginners because its easy and takes less time than those made with grapes. Adding fruit to flavor mead is good, you could use the berries on your property.

Miss R. said...

Me too!

And thanks for the advice, I'll have to look that up.