February 7, 2011

Moving and vacation news.

Only three days until we get the keys to our new house!  Sadly, I just woke up this morning to three inches of snow, yuck.  I really hope it's gone by Thursday...  You should see my apartment, actually no, it's horrible.  I've got almost everything packed up already so it's empty, but also very messy at the same time.

My man and I were also thinking of going to Mexico in March.  I'll have to talk to my boss today, but it probably won't happen.  Neither of us have been very far from home so it would be a huge deal for us.  We've never even been on a plane! Haha, yeah we suck.


TT's Attic said...

Moving is so exciting!! Have fun :)

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Miss R. said...

I agreem it really is. And thanks!