October 16, 2010

What I bought (Big Haul)

Yesterday I went shopping.  Twice!  My mum and I went to the thrift shop in the morning then my man and I went out of town.  As I said before I wanted to buy some boots and a jacket.  Neither of which I ended up coming home with.  But I did get plenty of good stuff so... ON TO THE PICTURES!
Thrift Shop:
Vintage Ghostbusters tshirt
Vintage Avon brooch
 Star wand
 Paperdoll kit
 Halloween candle holder
 Easter Bunny sign
 Yet another sign.  I really need to stop buying things to hang on my wall
 Nautical purse
 Barbie kitchen

From the mall/ Walmart:
Alice in Wonderland mug
 Studded sneakers
 Red cardigan
 Grey cardigan
 grey tshirt
 Striped tshirt
 Jersey Shore tshirt, haha.

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