October 5, 2010

Thrift Shop Finds.

Barbie-sized hat (I've already deco-ed this, pictures to come)
 I've also deco-ed this one already too.
 Barbie-sized dishes.
 Mini icecream cart.  I put this on my deco shelf on my desk.
 Fuzzy pencil case.  This is brand-new so I don't know if I should keep it or add it to my GIVEAWAY.
 Really cute high-neck sweater.  Silly boyfriend sucks at taking pictures...
 Cute cream dish.
 Vintage My Little Pony tshirt.
 polka-dot top
 tehehehe.  I also have one that says "White Trash"
 Care Bears purse.
 Ummm...  My mum bought these.  She really wants me to have a baby...  Yeah, it's weird.
 Little tin.  The lid is missing though, boo.


amanda said...

hahaha thats so funny about your mum!

xo.- R said...

She's been like that since I was 17. What a weirdo, haha.

P o o p e r said...

hehehe, your mom. xDD Atleast they're all so cute! If you have a plush doll that's big enough and has long-ish legs you should totally dress it up with the baby clothes.

Can't wait to see where you deco'd the hats! ^-^

xo.- R said...

I've finally gotten around to posting about the hats. I would post a link here for you but I am pretty sleepy... (: