October 1, 2010

Picture heavy update.

I can't believe it's already October 1st.  And that also means I've been at the movie store for a year, whoo!

But anyway, last night me and my man went on a date.  Takers was playing at the local theater and we both really wanted to watch it.  It was a really good movie, but the theater here is such a pile of crap that it almost wasn't worth going.  For a lot of the movie something was making a really loud humming sound and you couldn't hear the movie.  So I do recommend watching the movie, just not in Creston. Haha.  Today I plan on gathering up more outfit photos to post, so look for that coming soon.

For now I leave you with some pictures from the past few days:

DS, yes, I can still play it like this.
heart kitties
 fake nails
 I cut and painted them.
 work outfit, BOOOORING!
 Lady Gaga-looking hair bow.  Except mine SUCKS
 My Mama-cat, Miss.
 This is my cat DJ Pauly D (...yeah) sleeping in my robe.
 Dopey and Domino playing

If you haven't noticed I have 500 cats.  Okay, only 6, but still...  If you know anyone in Western Canada who wants a kitten or 2 or 3 or 4, let me know. (:


amanda said...

ee i ADORE your ds case <3

Anonymous said...

Your nails are so cute and the cats are adorable! i love cats too!

xo.- R said...

Thanks ladies!
I want to add little rhinestones to my DS between the big pieces.
And I plan on buying more of those nails for a giveaway I'll be doing soon. I am sad that my kittens will be ready to leave their mamma tomorrow so I'll have to give them away. ):