August 4, 2011

What I Bought, Perfume Edition.

A couple weeks ago Laura and I headed off to the big city to watch Harry Potter.  Of course while we were there we had to do a bit of shopping because we don't get out of town as often as we used to.  Since we didn't have very much time and we are trying to cut down on our spending, we only bought one thing each: perfume.  I guess perfume isn't exactly cheap though is it?...  Oops!  Anyway, Laura bought Paris Hilton's new perfume Passport Tokyo.  The bottle has a kawaii little Japanese lady and cherry blossoms on it.  She also received a super cute carry on bag and a passport cover with it.

And this is what I bought:
G is the perfume I always wear but they keep coming out with limited edition bottles which of course I need to collect.  So now they have little G dressed up as a kawaii mermaid.

So cute!

 I also got samples of all the Harajuku Lovers perfumes which I already have, but the card they came on this time is of the London punk characters.  They also threw in Mariah Carrey's new scents annnnnd...  Justin Bieber's perfume which sadly smells AMAZING!  I think I need it actually.

But, the best thing I got was this:
Free with the purchase of the special edition G mermaid bottle was this adorable beach towel.  This is the main reason I bought this perfume.  It made my day. :)

PS, I imagine you've already seen Harry Potter but it was soooo good!  I cried.  So sad that they're over now...

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