September 1, 2011


Hello ladies, I'm sorry I haven't been posting recently.  The past lineup of random pictures from my computer comes from a lack of anything interesting to say.  I haven't really been doing anything except working and gardening and thrift shopping.  And catching up on four seasons of Gossip Girl before season five starts this month.  I was pretty sure noone cares to hear about any of those.  :)

Too bad, here it is.

Work has been wonderous.  NOT!  More people quitting with no notice, stupid hours, getting underpaid, and being called in for almost all my days off two weeks in a row, people calling in sick all the time AGAIN.  Also our boss won't let Laura and I work together for more than 15 minutes anymore.  Ugh!

So, I guess my summer is over.  It's been freezing the last couple days.  How sad.  The crappo weather made sure my sunflowers just barely started flowering before they die soon, and my pumpkin, watermelon and strawberries didn't really do anything...  The tomatos and peppers in the green house aren't ready yet, which means they probably won't be ready before the cold kills them.  Our potatoes are tiny, but tasty.

If anyone cares, I have a bajillion pictures on my phone of things I've bought recently that I could post.  Tell me.

And finally, Gossip Girl.  Gossip Girl is my favorite show.  Watch it, it's great.

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